Protection Systems

Pipes and pipe bends protected with Degree’s coatings and injected insulation have longer service lives, faster installation times and lower installation costs. This is because only Degree’s exclusive injection technique protects bends with seamless, gapless insulation. In addition to factory applied coatings and insulation, we also offer high-quality products that can be applied in the field.

In addition to the protection systems below, we can accommodate any custom requirements. These include shrink sleeve-only applications, and coating and insulation options required to meet even the most extreme temperature specifications.

All Degree coatings are holiday tested to NACE standards.

System DBPP 1—Corrosion barrier

This system provides a corrosion barrier that delivers superior protection from the elements to exposed pipes. It is easily joined to field pipe, and any damage that occurs during transport or installation can be quickly repaired.

  • Surface prep. SSPC SP6 commercial sandblast (NACE 3)
  • Renwrap #327 high bond primer direct to steel
  • Renwrap #303 13 mil yellow coating tape
  • Application of Renwrap #330 50 mil black outer tape wrap