Protection Systems

System DBPP 2—Corrosion/insulation protection

An efficient means of corrosion and insulation protection, this system is a cost effective solution for pipelines with operating temperatures ranging from -34° C (-30° F) up to 85° C (185° F). With our industry leading injection process we eliminate the joints that cause gaps, seams and other weak points in traditional half-shell applied insulation/ rock shield.

  • Surface prep. SSPC SP6 commercial sandblast (NACE 3)
  • Renwrap #327 high bond primer direct to steel
  • Renwrap #303 13 mil yellow coating tape
  • Polyurethane injection moulded foam insulation/rock shield (minimum 3 lb. density) to guarantee a completely sealed final product (thicknesses ranging from 1" – 3" with custom sizing available)
  • Application of Renwrap #330 50 mil black outer tape wrap