One-Stop Service: Bend. Protect. Ship.

Degree is the only company than can bend your pipe, protect it with our exclusive injection insulation technique, and ship it to your site ready for installation. Unlike insulating pipes with mitred sections of straight insulation, our injected insulation leaves no seams or gaps.

By having your pipes bent and insulated in our shop—instead of insulating bends on-site-you:

  • Can install your pipeline faster
  • Reduce the cost of installing your pipeline
  • Provide your pipes with the maximum protection possible
  • Extend the service life of your pipes and pipe bends

Whether we bend your pipes, insulate them or both, our dedicated hauling and hot shot service is available to deliver your pipes when and where you need them, so your project isn’t delayed and you can finish on-time and on-budget.

For structural and architectural bending, Degree provides a full range of steel bending capabilities required to transform a blueprint or design into a physical reality.